Visiting Hours

It is important to know that FDMMC has a limited number of shared and private rooms which are classified and assigned based on their sizes, amenities, and options to either share with other patients or have a more private room of your own. Kindly refer to the information below regarding room types, the no. of visitors allowed in the room, and visiting hours:

Room Type Visitor - Visiting Hours

  • Intensive Care Units 1 Watcher/Companion 9AM to 10AM, 6PM to 7PM daily
  • Executive Suite 3 Companions   9AM to 12NN and 4PM to 9PM daily
  • Private Room 2 Companions  9AM to 12NN and 4PM to 9PM daily
  • Patient Wards 1 Companion  9AM to 12NN and 4PM to 9PM daily

For safety measures, visitors are required to follow regulations when visiting patients confined in special care units and isolation rooms. Wearing of protective gowns, gloves, and masks may be required. Always wash your hands before and after your visit. Visitors below the age of 7 are not recommended to visit as children are vulnerable to easily contract communicable disease.

Patients who are assigned to ward and semi-private rooms may only have a maximum of 2 visitors in the room at the same time due to space constraints.

Every one of us plays a vital role in preventing the spread of viruses to our friends and loved ones. Maintaining clean hands is considered the best way to control the spread of germs. That is why FDMMC has installed available hand sanitizers around the hospital for your safety and others’ or you may wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after you visit the hospital.

FDMMC has issued Isolation Precautions to be observed for patients, visitors, and family members who may need to be admitted in an Isolation Room. Isolation Precautions is a set of precautions observed to protect the patient, family, care providers, and visitors from spreading communicable disease (that can be transmitted through touch, air or droplet) or infection to yourself and others. In this case, wearing of protective gown, mask, and gloves may be necessary depending on the instructions given by the doctor.

Please be informed that you will be having recurring visits from the staff of FDMMC’s Finance department to update your account.

If you wish to leave the room or go around hospital premises, we have doctors and nurses who are dedicated to care for you on shifting schedules you may talk to in case of any concerns.