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Buy a Bear, Hug a Child

Giving toys to sick children helps more than you think. Toys have a significant impact on healing. Children feel better and recover more quickly because it lessens their worry and fear. For only Php 200.00, you can give an FDMMC child the gift of healing.

Hope Lives Here

Find hope at every turn as we offer a wide range of comprehensive tests for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

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Better for You

A Legacy of Caring

Founded as the first pediatric hospital in 1957, we continue to make great strides in caring for kids and adults through exemplary healthcare services.

Our Legacy is Yours

Trusted for Quality Healthcare

Our fruitful partnership with Mt. Grace Hospitals assures patients an exceptional healing journey with our modern facilities and medical excellence.

  • Pediatrics

    Our pediatricians are best known to provide personalized primary and specialized care for all kids.

  • Primary Care

    Experience quality patient care by our healing professionals with their medical brilliance and compassion.

  • 24/7 Emergency Unit

    Our Emergency Care teams provide advanced, urgent attention in clinical situations where every second counts.

  • Surgical Services

    Receive first-rate surgical care performed by our highly-skilled team of expert surgeons.

  • Hemodialysis Center

    The Dialysis Center brings comfort and modern technology to the top for people with Chronic Kidney Disease.

  • Precise Diagnosis

    From medical imaging to assessing heart performance, we have a broad range of diagnostic services available.

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