Patient & Visitor's Guide


There are 2 main entrances at Fe Del Mundo Medical Center. Main Entrance (Banawe Street) has the access to the left wing and main building

Main Lobby:

  • Registration
  • Admitting Section
  • Information Desk
  • Cashier and Billing Section
  • Emergency Room
  • Pathology and Laboratory
  • Department of Imaging
  • Allergology and Immunology Unit
  • Hematology, Oncology Unit
  • Patient Wards
  • Outpatient Clinics (Doctors Clinics and HMO)
  • Eye & ENT Center
  • Cardiovascular Unit
  • Pulmonary Unit
  • Surgical Complex
  • Delivery Complex - Neonatal ICU and OB, Ultrasound
  • Private Patient Rooms and Executive Suites
  • Endoscopy
  • Intensive Care Units (Pediatric and Adult)

Cardiz street entrance leads straight to the Annex Building

  • Hemodialysis
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit
  • Nutrition Clinic
  • Canteen
  • Conference Hall
  • Administrative Office
  • Department Offices
  • Private Patient Rooms


The moment you reach the Admitting Section located at the ground floor of the Main Building, you will be required to present and submit the necessary documents in order to process your admission.

Mentioned below are the needed items and additional information:

Present physician’s admitting order. Based on findings, medical advice and recommendations of your doctor in the previous step, you will need to submit the admitting order containing the level of care and room accommodation the patient will be tendered with.

Financial arrangements. Every detail about your financial arrangements will be explained in thorough detail upon your admission.

HMO Privileges. In case you are a member of a Health Maintenance Organization (e.g. Medicard, Maxicare, Intellicare, etc.) you must be able to present the following items:

  • Present Healthcard Member ID
  • Present Letter of Authorization (LOA) and a
    valid ID
  • Verify Letter of Authorization with HMO
    through phone or online verification system

Payment. All payments must be made through the cashier located at the ground floor of the Main Building.

In preparation for discharge, you will need to fill out PhilHealth Forms CF1 & CF2 within 24 hours upon admission to avail of benefits.


It is important to know that FDMMC has a limited number of shared and private rooms which are classified and assigned based on their sizes, amenities, and options to either share with other patients or have a more private room of your own. Kindly refer to the information below regarding room types, the no. of visitors allowed in the room, and visiting hours:

Room Type Visitor - Visiting Hours

  • Intensive Care Units 1 Watcher/Companion 9AM to 10AM, 6PM to 7PM daily
  • Executive Suite 3 Companions   9AM to 12NN and 4PM to 9PM daily
  • Private Room 2 Companions  9AM to 12NN and 4PM to 9PM daily
  • Patient Wards 1 Companion  9AM to 12NN and 4PM to 9PM daily

For safety measures, visitors are required to follow regulations when visiting patients confined in special care units and isolation rooms. Wearing of protective gowns, gloves, and masks may be required. Always wash your hands before and after your visit. Visitors below the age of 7 are not recommended to visit as children are vulnerable to easily contract communicable disease.

Patients who are assigned to ward and semi-private rooms may only have a maximum of 2 visitors in the room at the same time due to space constraints.

Every one of us plays a vital role in preventing the spread of viruses to our friends and loved ones. Maintaining clean hands is considered the best way to control the spread of germs. That is why FDMMC has installed available hand sanitizers around the hospital for your safety and others’ or you may wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after you visit the hospital.

FDMMC has issued Isolation Precautions to be observed for patients, visitors, and family members who may need to be admitted in an Isolation Room. Isolation Precautions is a set of precautions observed to protect the patient, family, care providers, and visitors from spreading communicable disease (that can be transmitted through touch, air or droplet) or infection to yourself and others. In this case, wearing of protective gown, mask, and gloves may be necessary depending on the instructions given by the doctor.

Please be informed that you will be having recurring visits from the staff of FDMMC’s Finance department to update your account.

If you wish to leave the room or go around hospital premises, we have doctors and nurses who are dedicated to care for you on shifting schedules you may talk to in case of any concerns.


We want to ensure that you, as a patient, are aware of your healthcare rights and responsibilities when admitted at Fe Del Mundo Medical Center


Right to quality and compassionate care. Receive safe and high-quality care in accordance with generally approved medical principles, in a safe and secure environment. Be treated with respect and dignity without any discrimination.

Have their religious beliefs respected. Right to information Be informed of your Rights and Responsibilities.

Receive complete information regarding diagnosis, prognosis, and plan of care, treatment options, diagnostic results and treatment/procedure costs in a clear and understandable manner. Right to freedom choice. Participate in decisions and choices about your health. Refuse to the treatment permitted by law and be informed of medical consequences of your action without fear of reprisal. Avail of benefits and privileges accorded by government regulations.


Be protected from loss or misuse of confidential healthcare and personal information.


Provide complete and accurate information about your past and present health condition, medications taken, allergies, previous hospital confinement, and other matters pertaining to your health. Submit complete documents necessary to avail of benefits (PhilHealth, Senior Citizen, Person with Disability, LOA, etc.).

Provide the hospital with correct information about your source of payment and ability to pay. Ask questions when you don’t understand what your physician or other members of the healthcare team will tell you about your diagnosis, procedures, and treatment. Be actively involved in planning and deciding for your care from beginning to end and inform the healthcare of your preferences.

Provide your physician or the hospital with a copy of your advance directives if you have one of if you wish to apply it during your admission. Pay your hospital and physician fees in a timely manner. Be considerate of the rights of other patients, staff and the hospital environment with respect to noise control, privacy, no-smoking policy, and visiting hours. Leave your valuables at home and bring items necessary during your hospital stay.



During the discharge process, your doctor will tell you when you are permitted to be discharged wherein thereafter, will write the order on the patient’s chart. Take note that you will be prohibited to be discharged without the signed order of your physician. For a more detailed explanation, kindly refer to the following information:

  • Upon discharging, the nurse will explain and discuss the process as well as the instructions which you will need to carefully take note of. In case of any concerns or clarifications, do not hesitate to ask questions as FDMMC is there for your convenience.
  • The discharge order may require you to take prescribed medications at home. Head down to our outpatient pharmacy located at the ground floor of the Annex Building to purchase such medicines.
  • If you want to request copies of your medical records, you will need to proceed to the Medical Records Section located at the 4th floor of the Annex Building. Once there, you will need to
    comply with the following instructions:
  1. Fill out a requisition form
  2. Present a valid ID
  3. In case of an authorized representative to request or pick-up the records, present a Letter of Authorization
  • Patient’s Medical records will be released within 3 to 5 working days.
  • Once the discharge order has been approved, it will trigger the preparation of your final Statement of Account including
    professional fees.
  • For your convenience, please stay in your room until the nurse presents you with your Statement of Account.
  • Kindly proceed to the Billing Section located at the ground floor of the Annex Building to verify your Statement of
    Account and thereafter, settle your account with the cashier.
  • For HMO members or employee of companies
    with credit arrangement with FDMMC, you may be requested to settle account not covered by your HMO/company benefits.
  • Before leaving the hospital, a survey form shall be handed to you regarding your caring experience at FDMMC. Your response is highly valued to improve our services to best serve you. At Fe Del Mundo
    Medical Center, we provide you a caring experience you’ll never forget!

If you have any further inquiries or questions, make sure to give us a call at 715-08-45 to 50; or send us an email at