Fe Del Mundo Medical Center is equiped with the appropriate technology in modern medicine to give patients an exceptional journey of healing.

  • Cardiovascular Unit

    The Cardiovascular Unit offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment procedures for patients who have illness involving the heart.
  • Delivery & Labor Services

    The Delivery & Labor room is where miracles happen every day for expectant mothers made even more special with FDMMC’s excellent care and expertise.
  • Emergency Room

    The Emergency Unit provides access to 24-hour emergency care to both children and adults in times of unexpected clinical situations.
  • Endoscopy Unit

    The Endoscopy Unit of Fe Del Mundo Medical Center is a diagnostic unit serving both outpatients and admitted patients.
  • Hemodialysis Unit

    The unit consists of 8 stations and provides dialysis treatment for acute kidney illnesses and chronic maintenance dialysis.
  • Laboratory & Pathology

    Offers decisive and detailed diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information done by our highly-trained and board certified pathologists.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    Newborn babies who need intensive medical attention are admitted in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
  • Nursing Services

    Fe Del Mundo nurses are inspired by the dedication, compassion, and commitment to patient care by the founder of modern
    nursing, Florence Nightingale.
  • Intensive Management Unit

    The ICU is a 3-bed, highly specialized,
    patient care unit catering to critically ill patients requiring close
    observation, monitoring and medical management.
  • Outpatient Clinic Services

    The OCS is established to ensure that
    all walk-in non-emergency patients, HMO members, and other private outpatients
    are properly attended to.
  • Patient Rooms

    Our Patient Rooms are the perfect place for healing for patients that are searching for quality comfort, privacy, and convenience.
  • Pharmacy

    The Pharmacy is an ancillary unit that provides safe and high quality patient care involving medical prescriptions for the best health care system.
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit

    The Physical Rehab Unit assesses a patient’s physical, psychological, mental, and skills which may be prescribed to undergo physical treatment.
  • Pulmonary Unit

    The Pulmonary Unit offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment procedures for patients who have illness involving the lungs.
  • Radiology

    The Radiology is built with modern
    equipment and facilities aiming to provide accurate and less invasive diagnosis of medical problems among its patients.
  • Surgical Services

    FDMMC’s team of Surgeons and staff provide safe, individualized and competent surgical care from the time of consultation until recovery period.
  • OB Ultrasound Unit

    Our OB Ultrasound Unit is equipped with the appropriate medical technology and highly specialized OB Sonologists to provide accurate and efficient women’s healthcare needs.​