Be part of a Team that Cares

If you’re looking for a learning experience unlike any other and an opportunity to help Filipino families with their healthcare needs, be part of our dynamic team at FDMMC.

As of the moment, FDMMC is looking for dedicated individuals who wish to apply in any of the following positions:


    ·  Ambulance Driver (Full Time & Part Time)

    ·  Ancillary Aide

    ·  Cardiovascular Technologist

    ·  Charge Nurse (OR, DR)

    ·  Clinical Pharmacist

    ·  Endoscopy Nurse

    ·  Head Nurse (ER, OR, DR, IMU, NICU)

    ·  Laboratory Aide

    ·  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse

    ·  Occupational Therapist

    ·  Pharmacist Staff

    ·  Physical Therapist

    ·  Radiologic Technologist

    ·  Shift Manager (Nursing Services)


    ·  Internal Auditor

    ·  Marketing Supervisor

    ·  Account Receivable Staff

    ·  Admitting Staff