Patients Rights and Responsibility

We want to ensure that you, as a patient, are aware of your healthcare rights and responsibilities when admitted at Fe Del Mundo Medical Center


Right to quality and compassionate care. Receive safe and high-quality care in accordance with generally approved medical principles, in a safe and secure environment. Be treated with respect and dignity without any discrimination.

Have their religious beliefs respected. Right to information Be informed of your Rights and Responsibilities.

Receive complete information regarding diagnosis, prognosis, and plan of care, treatment options, diagnostic results and treatment/procedure costs in a clear and understandable manner. Right to freedom choice. Participate in decisions and choices about your health. Refuse to the treatment permitted by law and be informed of medical consequences of your action without fear of reprisal. Avail of benefits and privileges accorded by government regulations.


Be protected from loss or misuse of confidential healthcare and personal information.


Provide complete and accurate information about your past and present health condition, medications taken, allergies, previous hospital confinement, and other matters pertaining to your health. Submit complete documents necessary to avail of benefits (PhilHealth, Senior Citizen, Person with Disability, LOA, etc.).

Provide the hospital with correct information about your source of payment and ability to pay. Ask questions when you don’t understand what your physician or other members of the healthcare team will tell you about your diagnosis, procedures, and treatment. Be actively involved in planning and deciding for your care from beginning to end and inform the healthcare of your preferences.

Provide your physician or the hospital with a copy of your advance directives if you have one of if you wish to apply it during your admission. Pay your hospital and physician fees in a timely manner. Be considerate of the rights of other patients, staff and the hospital environment with respect to noise control, privacy, no-smoking policy, and visiting hours. Leave your valuables at home and bring items necessary during your hospital stay.