FDMMC Center for Child Developmental Services Opens on Valentine's Day

Today, on Valentine's Day, we proudly announce the opening of the FDMMC Center for Child Developmental Services.

Led by our Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Roselle Marie D. Azucena, this achievement was celebrated in the presence of Mount Grace Hospitals Inc. executives, including President Mr. Rhais M. Gamboa, Chief Operating Officer Mr. Jose Santiago de la Cruz, Jr., and Chief Finance Officer Ms. Erika Cheska Go-Martirez.

We were also honored to have the presence of FDMMC doctors, led by our Medical Director, Dr. Jennie A. Wong, Pediatrics Department Head Dr. Maria Celia Regino, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department Head Dr. Angela DV. Garcia, along with our dedicated employees. It was a joyous occasion, marking the beginning of a new chapter in providing developmental services for children.
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