What to Expect

The moment you reach the Admitting Section located at the ground floor of the Main Building, you will be required to present and submit the necessary documents in order to process your admission.

Mentioned below are the needed items and additional information:

Present physician’s admitting order. Based on findings, medical advice and recommendations of your doctor in the previous step, you will need to submit the admitting order containing the level of care and room accommodation the patient will be tendered with.

Financial arrangements. Every detail about your financial arrangements will be explained in thorough detail upon your admission.

HMO Privileges. In case you are a member of a Health Maintenance Organization (e.g. Medicard, Maxicare, Intellicare, etc.) you must be able to present the following items:

  • Present Healthcard Member ID
  • Present Letter of Authorization (LOA) and a
    valid ID
  • Verify Letter of Authorization with HMO
    through phone or online verification system

Payment. All payments must be made through the cashier located at the ground floor of the Main Building.

In preparation for discharge, you will need to fill out PhilHealth Forms CF1 & CF2 within 24 hours upon admission to avail of benefits.